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HORNADY: Hornady Manufacturing Company was founded in 1949 in Nebraska based on the principal of a highly accurate round being able to be manufactured for the general population. They have been able to turn a once 2 man operation into the largest independent producer of ammunition in the world with over 200 employees. Their products range from a new style of lever action round to modern technology expanding personal defense rounds.

REMINGTON: Remington Arms Co has made just about every size cartridge as well as all of the different types of loads for varied styles of sport shooting. They have been a leading name in ammunition due to their levels of quality and the large supply available to the general public. Our staff is very familiar with the different types, so please don’t hesitate to come down and ask about what you might need to get your sport shooting done.

FEDERAL: Federal Premium Ammunition started making ammunition in 1916, but really took off in 1922 with an aggressive marketing campaign. They produce every major size cartridge on the market as well as some of the odd sizes. Their ammunition has been used around the world by shooters ranging from field hunters, target and completion shooters and even the US Olympic Team uses their products. We regularly keep all different styles and sizes in stock. Stop in and check out our wide selection.

BLAZER: Blazer Ammunition is a low cost option for the average everyday target shooter. They do not produce centerfire ammo as well as any home defense style ammo. We carry this ammunition in the most common calibers. SPEER: Founded in the 1950’s, Speer bullets were the first manufacture to get an ISO certification for quality. Their ammunition is used by more than 250,000 law enforcement agents across the country. CCI: Cascade Cartridge Inc is a manufacturing company that specializes in rimfire ammunition. They have been the golden standard for 22 LR ammunition since 1963 when they started making the CCI Mini-Mag cartridge. We stock regularly their bullets as well as their primers.

WINCHESTER: Winchester is another leader in ammunition due to the large variety of types they manufacture. They have created multiple round sizes (i.e. 308 Win). They produce all styles of bullet including basic target loads all the way up to match grade target loads. They also produce personal defense rounds. We generally keep a large selection of Winchester ammo on our shelves.