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BROWNING: Browning Arms Company (BACO) was founded in 1927 in Utah. They manufacture many different styles of firearms including 1911 style semi-auto pistols; over-under, semi-auto and pump action shotguns; and both semi-auto and bolt action rifles. Their high quality has made them the leading choice for everyone from a new shooter to a seasoned hunter as well as competition shooters. We carry many of their different models in all shapes and sizes so come on in and ask one of our experts about what will be right for you and your needs.

BENELLI: Benelli Armi SpA was founded in 1967 in Italy. They produce rifles and shotguns exclusively. Benelli has always been a high end firearm with deep ties to the competition scene. Multiple shooting sport records have been broken using their more widely known models. Law enforcement agencies and many military forces use these firearms due to their dedication to putting out only the best products. Hunters and trap shooters across the world trust a Benelli to get their shot. Stop in today and ask one of our staff to show you what puts them a notch above the rest.

WINCHESTER: Winchester Repeating Arms Company was founded back in 1866 in Connecticut, however they are now owned by Herstal Group, Fabrique Nationale (FN) as of 2006. They offer many different options for many different styles of shooting. We carry their rifles, shotguns and of course their ammunition. Winchester started its infamous history with the 44 cartridge and has been the leading designers of rifle hunting rounds throughout history. Stop on in and check out why they have been on top for so long.

MARLIN: Marlin Firearms Company was founded in 1870 in Connecticut and originally designed revolvers and derringer pistols. They revolutionized shooting in 1953 with the Micro-Grove rifling. They are most widely known for lever-action rifles. Marlin Firearms have been used by countless famed shooters, most known being Annie Oakley. They are now owned by Remington Arms Company and are currently manufactured in New York and Kentucky.

HENRY: Henry Repeating Arms as a company is fairly new, having been founded in 1996, however they take the name and design of the original inventor Benjamin Tyler Henry. He invented the first lever-action rifle in 1860 and the design has been infamous ever since. Henry rifles are very proudly made entirely in the United States. They come in all sorts of different calibers as well as some specialized commemorative editions of their popular models.

RUGER: Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. started in 1949 in a small rented shop in Connecticut and has grown to being manufactured in New Hampshire and Arizona. They produce semi-auto pistols; single action only and double-action/single-action revolvers; over under shotguns; semi-auto and bolt-action rifles. Their magazines and accessories are used by multiple other manufactures as well. We carry all types of Ruger products so don’t hesitate to come down to the shop and check out our selection.